Summer Lovin’ Giveaway 4

Summer Lovin’,  had me a blast… But before Summer Lovin’, happens so fast we want you to enjoy every single minute of Summer!  And to help you enjoy every single minute of Summer, we are introducing our Summer Lovin’ Giveaway Series!  We’ve got tons to giveaway for the whole family!  Stop in each week and […]

Wordless Wednesday Adventures


New York City…  #BBNYC       Anne Geddes… It’s Whatever Wednesday!  Come party with us! Link up!  

Play it Safe…10 Lessons Team Sports Teaches Kids


10 Fabulous Lessons that Team Sports Teaches Kids!   1. Playing sports teaches kids about teamwork and gives them self- confidence. 2. Team sports provide kids opportunities to learn important life lessons. 3. Teaches Sportmanship! 4. Build self- esteem to learn something new and feels good to our kids. 5. Teaches healthy eating and exercise […]

The Kids at the Pool


School is out and most people spend countless hours at the pool, holding the beach chairs down, and splashing around in the water.  The fact is hanging by the pool is almost like a sport.  This summer, Little Dude and I have spent countless hours at the pool.  Between daily swim lessons, to days cooling […]

Wordless Wednesday Adventures


4th of July… It’s Whatever Wednesday!  Come party with us! Link up!


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