10 Fascinating Things I Learned at Blogher!


When attending a blogging conference there is many things one learns from the experience.  For me my learning took place outside the conference sessions…  I had a fabulous time and I had even had a few crazy adventures!

20140730-151151-54711515.jpg1.  Air Force One has priorities over everyone else in the sky!


2.  My parents know me!  And they can pick out my friends!


With Tara

3.  Don’t ask for change on a city bus.  Trust me!  Just don’t!

City Bus

4.  Facebook is not reliable form of communication.  Tweet me @thankhoney!

5.  I’m a race car driver…  Well maybe the slowest one!



6.  I really do exists and I’m not a ghost!  …. Bloppies!

7.  Never book an early Sunday AM flight!  Just take my word on it!

8.  Don’t go to Blogher for the general sessions or the food.  Go for the experience & networking.

9.  My inspiring new recipe…  How to make cold water!  Not sure what happened there but some aliens hijacked all the cold water, water bottles, water pitchers, and ice water at the conference!  But fear not, I had my own recipe…  Cold Water!


11. Exercising is better in heels and it’s perfectly acceptable to drink Sangria while exercising! Look yoga… Tree Pose!




With Jenn from Mama on the Rocks

 Thanks Blogher and San Jose!





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  1. oh and is it bad that I don’t remember where we took that photo or how I got that flower in my hair? was that our night of hitting the different suites? lol
    Tara recently posted…Brunch with the cast of Chrisley Knows BestMy Profile

  2. haha just seeing this (my blog is linking to another site, so didn’t come up for me), great hanging with you at BlogHer!!

  3. HI. What other blogger conferences are valuable. I live near NYC, so was hoping there would be a few in NY. Any other great resources for a four-month in blogging newbie?
    Caryn recently posted…What I’m Drinking Now: Maple WaterMy Profile

  4. Sunday am early flights are the worst!! Glad you had a good trip
    Kate recently posted…Weekend in the Windy CityMy Profile

  5. It definitely seems like you had a blast! That’s great!

    I still haven’t gotten to a blog conference. I know it’s something I need to do though…very soon.

    Thanks for sharing your insights and tips Sarah!

  6. That’s awesome that you went to a Blogher conference, Sarah! I need to look into conferences.. I bet you learn a lot! Love your tips–LoL! :-)
    Emily recently posted…Free Blogger Opp: $100 Sephora Gift CardMy Profile

  7. LOL! Love your tree pose!!!!
    Roshni recently posted…Our first summer barbecue partyMy Profile

  8. Sarah, it was great to finally find/meet you! These sound similar to what I learned as well, and I though that water recipe was my secret!!
    Nancy Lowell recently posted…There is Never a Good AnswerMy Profile

  9. You were wise to create your own cold water– I was so dang dehydrated by the end of that weekend! And oooooh the early AM flight sounds treacherous! I couldn’t do it. I left Monday, ha.

    It was awesome getting to meet you and hang out!
    Aussa Lorens recently posted…How To Dump Your Boyfriend At A CasinoMy Profile

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