Watermelon & Mint!

What a combination! Watermelon & fresh mint has become my new favorite snacks or dessert. It is refreshing, light, and packed with flavor. It’s an excellent beach, pool, or picnic food! Easy, healthy and a crowd pleaser!

What you need:
Fresh mint
Melon baller

How to:
Find a side of the watermelon that is a little flat, set that as the bottom, if want to serve out of watermelon
Cut the watermelon towards the top to make bowl shape
Use a melon baller to scoop out watermelon into a bowl
Pick mint leaves off the twig, and wash
Chop mint leaves, fine (uses as much or as little Mint depending on amount/ size of watermelon).
Mix Mint with watermelon in a bowl, (Be careful not to over do the Mint, you don’t want to over power the watermelon)
Place the watermelon balls back into the hollowed out watermelon.
And serve


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  1. This looks great – I love pineapple and mint. Found you from Anyonita’s blog tasty Tuesday linky

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