Who Needs a Snow Shovel?


Little dude ran from widow to window. He said to me, “Mommy, why are bits of paper towels falling from the sky”! I replied and told him it was snow! Then he ran from window to window screaming, “Santa is coming”! Snow, snow and more snow fell from the sky with no end in sight. It was beautiful and the first time he saw snow! He was so excited he didn’t know what to do first!

We had no idea what we were in for when we left our life in Florida for a life in the Northeast. Flip- flops, shorts, tanks, and bathing suites was our wardrobe. When my husband was promoted and told us we would be moving to the Northeast. We were excited for seasons. We had no idea what the winter would bring… Moving North should had come with an instruction book… a shopping list… and a warning!

… Northerner Warning…

Welcome to the coldest place on earth.

“Be Prepared”!

Do not listen to these Northerners when they say we would probably have a “mild winter”. They are fooling you! There is no such thing as a “mild winter” in the Northeast. They were laughing at you! Yes! You do need a shovel! Don’t wait for the first snow then ask your neighbor to borrow one! Oh yes, you will need rock salt too, and not for your margaritas. You need a winter jacket, warm cloths, socks, long underwear, hats, and gloves. You need to shop for winter clothes in September because everything would be sold out by the first storm!


As the Northerners call them. Layer yourself up. Long underwear, tee- shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, scarves and jackets… you will look like you gained 600 pounds, but really, you don’t need to put your arms down. You just need more layers! Welcome to Northeast! Fashion goes out the window… it is all about keeping warm! Snow boots are helpful and required. No, sneakers will not work…

“Super Bowl”!

Every snowstorm was like the “Super Bowl”. This one was the biggest and then nothing! All the hoopla… “you would trapped”, “stock up”! The stores shelves will be bare and people will be going crazy! “This was it”… the weatherman predicts… “the Super Bowl of all storms”! And you wait, wait, and nothing! Not even a flurry. Welcome to the Northeast!


Hibernation was not just for the bears; it was a real thing among Northerners. You will not see anyone till spring. You will only see some kids in “layers” sleigh riding, and maybe some footprints in the snow. Get organized before you leave your house because you have to go out and pry open your car door, start your car 20 minutes before you have to go anywhere to warm it up!

“Bundle up”!

Was quite an adventure. Putting on your coat, your boots, scarf, hat, gloves, like that wasn’t enough… Then you had to get your kids ready and let me tell you how hard it is to zip the coat of someone who won’t stand still. Oh and then the mittens! Seriously, it was like moving, every time you leave the house. 20 minutes later… you might be on your way!  Welcome to the Northeast!

Our adventure of moving to the Northeast has been a celebration of firsts for us. Little Dude’s first sight of the fallen snow, the amazement and curiosity on his face was a memory I would never forget. Exploring, playing, sled riding, and making snow angels. To witness the smiles, the wonder, and the happiness as he sled down the hill for the first time, or when he saw an icicle.

To hear Little Dude say, every time it snowed, “Mommy, Santa’s coming tonight” are words I will never get tired of hearing. Welcome to the Northeast…


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  1. Hard to imagine–we are just sweltering here today–but I know it will be coming!
    Audrey Howitt recently posted…A Cage of ColorsMy Profile

  2. I’m a Texan that now lives in UT, so I get it. It’s crazy at first, but now I absolutely LOVE it!!
    Meredith recently posted…I’m Not Just Raising Little Boys. I’m Trying To Raise Good Men.My Profile

  3. We lived in Michigan until a couple years ago. There’s nothing like the excitement of a snow day. Now we live in Washington. We get snow occasionally. Once this year 1/4 inch. We’ve totally adapted to the weather out here. It was 28 degrees and I was complaining that it was freezing. Family and friends back in Michigan weren’t impressed. They just wanted to be out of the negative temps. It’s awesome to see the kids excited when it snows though.
    Rhonda recently posted…My First Troll Was a Complete LoonMy Profile

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